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Your lighting choices in your home will determine the style and feel of your home. If your light fixtures are upscale and modern, the entire home communicates an updated style. Lighting can have practical and aesthetic purposes to make your Tyrone, GA home more functional and beautiful. Whether you want a ceiling fan in your bedroom, a hanging lantern on your stairway, modern pendant lights in your kitchen, or anything in between, Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA has a lighting solution for your space. Our team is standing by to help you find the right lighting choice to truly showcase your home.

  • Showcase your Home's Decor and Features
  • Make your Home more Functional
  • Dramatically Update Your Space Without Substantial Renovations


Electrical problems are always inconvenient and sometimes unsafe as well. From broken outlets to faulty light switches, even small electrical issues can cause daily annoyance for your family. More serious electrical issues, such as problems with your breaker box or wiring, can go unnoticed hidden away. Some homes in Tyrone, GA lack properly installed smoke detectors, which can jeopardize the safety of the house and homeowners. You should feel fully confident in your electrical service. When you choose a fully insured and licensed company like Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA, you can rest easy that your electrical work is being done properly and safely. Whether you need a simple broken outlet fixed or a serious re-wiring, we want to be your go-to guys for every electrical need.

  • Make your Home Safer and More Functional.
  • Have a Properly Updated and Working Electrical Panel for Improved Safety
  • Prioritize Safety Through your Home Being Up to Code with GFCI Outlets, Smoke Detectors, and Proper Grounding.


If you have a unique vision for your lighting, it can be hard to achieve it with basic fixtures at a home improvement store. There is an artistry to pairing lighting to accentuate your home’s decor. At Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA, we are passionate about helping our customers reach their creative dream for their lighting. Regardless of your style, we can help you find the right lighting solution. Everything from a modern upscale look to a farmhouse reclaimed style, we provide lighting to fit every home’s unique feel. Do not let the pre-packaged options make you feel like your dream is not possible. Schedule a consultation with Plugged In Electrical to find out the world of possibilities for your Tyrone, GA home through custom lighting.

  • Capture Your Creative Vision
  • Fulfill your Aesthetic and Practical Goals
  • Achieve an Eye-Catching and Unique Focal Point


In our modern world, power is essential for everyday life. When power goes out, having a backup generator really comes in handy. You can have peace of mind that you will have the power you need for your family. Similar to a central air conditioning unit, a generator is installed outside of your Tyrone, GA home. When you entrust your home to Plugged in Electrical of Tyrone, GA, you and your home will be treated with the utmost respect. We will make sure to place your unit in a discreet spot so it will not interfere with your outdoor aesthetic. Experience the relief of having power no matter what surges happen and storms hit.

  • Enjoy Consistent Access to Power
  • Experience Peace of Mind with a Back Up Solution
  • Have a Backup Generator Installed Without Damage To Your Yard's Aesthetic


Safeguard against serious electrical issues before they can occur with GFCI & AFCI protection. Anywhere you have water, you need GFCI outlets. Common wet places to remember would be the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and mudroom. AFCI breakers help prevent an electrical fire if a rodent chewed a wire, a nail hit a wire, or a device overheated. When you are pro-active with your electrical safety, you can avoid danger and hassle in the future. Because these outlets are crucial, you should only entrust this task to a certified and licensed professional, such as Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA. We are standing by to help you protect your Tyrone, GA home and family.

  • Prevent Serious Electrical Issues
  • Prioritize Your Safety
  • Make Your Home Up to Code


Be pro-active and protect your home from electrical fires! With grounding and surge protection, you can safeguard your home and your electrical devices. Homes in Tyrone, GA built before 1970 may not have up-to-date grounding. With professional grounding and surge protection, your internal wiring, appliances, ethernet lines, coaxial cable, electrical panel, and phone lines will be shielded from lighting or voltage spikes. Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA can provide these safety measures, executed by insured, licensed, and skilled professionals. We are prepared to help!

  • Protect Your Home From Electrical Fires
  • Safeguard your Electrical Components
  • Prioritize Your Safety


Over 1,400 fire deaths happen each year because of non-existent or faulty smoke detectors, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Clearly, functioning smoke detectors are literally lifesavers. You and your family need to be safe so you cannot risk improperly installed smoke detectors. We can give you peace of mind by implementing reliable smoke detectors which alert you at the first hint of smoke in your Tyrone, GA home. At Plugged In Electrical of Tyrone, GA, we are electrical professionals and family men so we cannot overstate the importance of protecting your family through quality smoke detectors. Start protecting your family by calling Plugged in Electrical today!

  • Protect Your Family
  • Safeguard Your Home
  • Restore Your Peace of Mind


Leave electrical work to licensed and insured electrical companies in Tyrone, GA. With so many electrical components hidden behind your walls, you could have an unnoticed issue which you only see when a major catastrophe occurs. When you choose Plugged in Electrical of Tyrone, GA, you can be confident that your broken outlets, circuits, and wires have been professionally completed, meeting all appropriate standards and code. We will show up on time and do the job properly. If any problem comes up, we want to be your go-to guys. You can trust us to handle all your electrical work, both seen and hidden behind the walls, professionally. Contact Plugged in Electricalfor all our electrical issues regardless how big or small!

  • Prioritize Your Safety
  • Ensure that Your Electrical Needs Can Be Handled By Your Panel
  • Address Any Electrical Issues Before They Become Damaging


Your electrical panel is at the root of most electrical issues. When your panel is outdated or wired incorrectly, you could experience everything from lights dimming to breakers tripping to igniting an electrical fire. Updating your panel may be a wise choice if you are adding new appliances or experiencing electrical issues. Plugged in Electrical of Tyrone, GA, performs free electrical panel inspections to help you stay on top of your electrical problems. We can examine your panel to determine if you are at-risk for electrical problems. Our team will always be honest with you because we hope to build a long-term relationship where you will feel comfortable calling us for any electrical need. Call today to schedule your free consultation from Plugged in Electrical of Tyrone, GA!

  • Prioritize Your Safety
  • Ensure that Your Electrical Needs Can Be Handled By Your Panel
  • Address Any Electrical Issues Before They Become Damaging


Getting an electrical panel inspection can only benefit you when it is totally free. Plugged In Electrical can examine your panel to ensure that it is up to local standards and codes in Tyrone, GA. Also, we can let you know about your electrical panel’s current efficiency. Through this inspection, we could locate a problem before it grows into a dangerous or more serious issue. Being pro-active with your electrical maintenance is always wise to prevent greater hassle and expense long-term. Our inspection could reveal everything from appliance malfunctions, dimming lights, shocks or burns, or tripped breakers. Contact Plugged in Electrical of Tyrone, GA to schedule your free inspection today!