GFCI & AFCI Protection

Safeguard Your Home Through GFCI and AFCI

GFCI & AFCI Protection Newnan GA

GFCI & AFCI Protection

GFCI & AFCI Protection can prevent serious electrical issues before they can happen. The GFCI outlets are needed anywhere that water will be nearby, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry space. The AFCI Breakers can help prevent an electrical fire as a result of a rodent chewing a wire, a picture hanging nail hitting a wire, or a device overheating while plugged in. Being proactive with your electrical work can save significant hassles as well as ensure your safety. Since these outlets are so important, you cannot risk having an amateur complete the task. Our team at Plugged in Electrical are licensed, insured, and experienced so we can be trusted to install these outlets properly to protect you and your home in the years to come.

  • Prevent Serious Electrical Issues
  • Prioritize Your Safety
  • Make Your Home Up to Code

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