How to Avoid Electrical Shock in Your Home or Business

An electrical shock occurs when your body is exposed to an electrical current. An electrical shock can be minorly painful but can also cause serious harm or death. Whether you are safeguarding your home or business, you should minimize the chances of electrical shock through safety steps. Our Plugged In Electrical team has compiled a list of precautions to improve the electrical safety of your home or business.

  •       Check Electrical Cords for Damage—Cords can become frayed or damaged based upon constant movement, sun exposure, age, and animal chewing. If cords are damaged, we recommend replacing them before they can harm anyone or anything.
  •       Avoid Overloading Your Outlets—Everything you plug in draws a certain amount of power from the outlet to function. Plugging too many things into an outlet can overload your electrical circuits, which leads to a safety shock and fire hazard. If you do not have enough outlets to accommodate your needs, schedule a consultation with us. We can help you access the power you need safely.
  •       Utilize Precautions for Children—If your home or business has young children in it, utilize plastic covers in your outlets. Children could shock themselves by placing extension cords in their mouths, so put them away when not in use. Being proactive is always wise when managing spaces with children.
  •       Ensure GFCI Outlets are Installed—Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI outlets are designed to protect you from electrical shocks in wet spaces, such as your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You probably have these outlets installed in your home or business already since they are mandated, but double-check for everyone’s safety. We would be glad to install new GFCI outlets or inspect your existing outlets to check if they are functioning properly. GFCI outlets are a small and affordable step you can take to dramatically reduce the chances of an electrical shock in your home.
  •       Keep Your Appliances Away from Water—Avoid plugging in appliances, hairdryers, or cell phones near a water source. If you must use these things near a sink or bathtub, make sure to plug them into a GFCI outlet. With these outlets, your chances of electrical shock are greatly reduced.
  •       Schedule Routine Electrical Inspections—Many electrical problems can be identified early on before a shock or damage occurs. You can schedule a consultation with one of our electricians to evaluate the safety of your home or business. We can check your outlets, wiring, and breaker box for any signs of trouble. If we do find a problem, our team will offer solutions to restore your safety promptly.

Whether you need new GFCI outlets or an electrical inspection, Plugged In Electrical is standing by to help. We want to keep your home or office safe and shock-free.

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