Senoia, GA

We arrived at the job meet with the customer. In our conversation with the customer he had mentioned his main breaker and various other breakers would repeatedly trip. He would try and reset them sometimes they would reset and sometimes they would not. He had intermittent failure throughout the home on his electrical system. Upon our inspection we found his panel to be burned and in desperate need of replacing. At this time we were removing the panel and taking apart the main service wire from the main breaker. We noticed signs of corrosion and water damage causing the main breaker to start Tripping and corrode the panel. When we removed the service wire water began to come out of it. Customer wound up meeting extensive repairs to replace the main service and comply with all local and national code and jurisdictions.

Your home’s electrical wiring includes a number of complicated parts including attachment wiring, the outside meter box, and the wiring from the meter box to the electrical panel. Clean, well marked electrical panels with properly insulated circuits, ensure your families safety, reduce the instances of over burdening a circuit, and ease trouble shooting when there is a recurring electrical issue.

When a problem arrises, finding qualified help for emergency repairs can be time-consuming and expensive.  Plugged in Electrical offers free panel inspections for every customer.


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