How To Light an Outdoor Living Space

When designing outdoor spaces, things get pretty exciting when it comes to lighting options. Well-placed lighting can change a simple patio into a glowing, inviting space that your friends and family will love. But before you can start decorating, it’s important to understand proper safety protocols. Even basic Electric Installations in Newnan, GA, can help homeowners plan out an ideal lighting design that functions well for all members of the family. Follow these essential tips to prevent any mishaps that could ruin an otherwise enjoyable project:

1. Purchase the Right Bulbs – Every type of lightbulb has its pros and cons, and picking the safest option for your space will ensure you can decorate without worrying about overheating or burnout. LED lights are an ideal choice, because they don’t emit infrared light and won’t attract insects. They can also last up to 18 years. They are efficient and safe but don’t typically fit older light fixtures, so check your equipment before you buy.

2. Check String Lighting – Although most string lights are UL-approved for outdoor use, some are not appropriate for extended outdoor use. To prevent malfunctions, be sure that you check the lights’ labels for UL/CSA/ETL safety.

3. Stay Off the Grass – Instead of placing fixtures directly on the grass, put them in flower beds. If you have buried, low-voltage wiring, don’t cover the dirt with wood chips. Over time, the wires can resurface, and can start a fire if they make contact with the pellets.

4. Avoid Hazardous Placement – Placing tall lights at the far end of driveways or in areas where children play can increase the likelihood of accidents, particularly if the children are highly active.

5. Rely on the Experts – Finally, if you’re not sure about your lighting design or safety concerns, consider hiring a professional Electrician in Newnan, GA, that offers custom lighting services. This way, you don’t have to stress about all the factors that come with doing it yourself.

Your outdoor living space can become a perfect getaway with the perfect lighting setup. At Plugged In Electrical, we don’t just repair; we design, install, and protect. If you’re interested in getting the perfect lighting for your space, call us today at 404-277-9708!

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