Why You Need a Residential Electrical Panel Inspection in Spring

After the dreary days of winter, most of us are excited for spring – the weather turns warmer, people get back to gardening, and flowers and plants start to bloom. Most people also take on new projects in the spring, from cleaning to home repairs to improvements. One thing every homeowner should have done in the spring is an electrical panel inspection; it is the ideal season for this due to several factors:

1. Water Corrosion – As the dreary winter rain beats down, it can lead to corrosion of your wires and potentially cause harm to your appliances. Unless you get an inspection, your electrical panel could be in a poor state, and you would be unaware, heading into spring with potential hazards lurking.

2. System Overload – We use a lot more electricity during the winter months, usually from electric blankets, space heaters, and lighting, due to darker days. All of this usage can stress your system, and a fire could result if your electrical cords overload.

3. Home Improvements – Spring is an excellent time for home improvements, but it is vital to have an electrical panel inspection before adding appliances or other electricity-drawing components. If your system can’t handle any new appliances or items that use power, it could begin to overheat, posing a risk of fire or appliance malfunction.

Be sure to have a professional check out your electrical panel. An Electrician in Newnan, GA, will properly oversee an inspection and determine if any work needs to be done. When looking for Local Electricians in Newnan, GA, consider Plugged In Electrical. We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry, and place a high value on safety, offer upfront pricing, and suggest innovative solutions to any problem you might have. To get a free electrical panel inspection today, call us at 404-277-9708!

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