3 Reasons Why You Should Never Try DIY Electrical Work in your Home

HGTV shows and commercials from home improvement retailers encouraging customers to get the supplies they need for renovations, prove that we live in the age of DIY. While there are some home-related repair tasks you can do yourself, other categories of projects require the eyes and hands of a skilled expert — particularly regarding safety. 

Whether you’re looking to finally finish that basement or have a light that keeps flickering on and off, you may be tempted to try electrical work yourself. This can quickly become a dangerous mistake. Here are three reasons that you shouldn’t attempt to take a DIY approach with electrical work in your home: 

Electrocution and Other Injuries 

Did you know that the voltage in your home requires either 110 or 220 volts? The maximum of that range can actually cause serious harm and prove fatal in the event of an electrical issue. One common mistake that DIYers often make is to turn off the power to the breaker box. Another mistake occurs when the wrong connection is turned off. As a result, a serious jolt may be experienced if they come into contact with a high voltage wire. It is important to remember that your home is an intricate collection of wiring, circuits, and boxes. Knowing how to navigate these areas safely requires years of training that a YouTube video or list of instructions online cannot substitute for. 

Hidden Electrical Dangers 

Electricity can be elusive and complex. This often causes the worker to think a problem was solved when it was not. For example, during a DIY electrical repair, you may have unknowingly misplaced a wire, leading to an electrical fire that may go undetected. 

Additionally, your home has a variety of electrical components that you may be unaware of. Not knowing the location of these items could result in further damage and even injury. An example of this is junction boxes. Often, these boxes may be located in your attic, putting them out of sight and increasing the likelihood that you can be shocked by them. 

Costly Repairs in the Future 

Again, the electrical framework of a home is intricate. It is important to remember that each broken outlet or smoke detector is connected to a sophisticated electrical network. One wrong wire during the installation or repair can result in a much more significant and expensive problem to fix. What started as a simple and low-cost repair could lead to a more expensive fix for an electrician. Did you know that some states require you to have a permit in your home before carrying out certain types of electrical work? It’s true, and it could add to the cost of handling this task yourself. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to handle electrical repairs on your own. Our team at Plugged In Electrical is ready to help you and take the stress of electrical work off your hands by handling any electrical repair that you need. If you’re ready to get started, fill out our form to schedule a consultation today or call us at (404) 737-7945. 


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