Cicadas are Not the Only Electrical Enemy

Because monotonous drone cicadas produce sound very much like an electrical box’s buzz, it is not surprising these insects can interfere with your electrical devices. Cicadas are not the only pests to be concerned about during this spring season though. At Plugged In Electrical, we advocate proactivity with pests to minimize damage to your home or business as well as to avoid inconvenience to your lifestyle or workflow. Watch carefully for signs of pests and apply these steps to make your home or business less welcoming.

  • Cicadas–Thankfully, cicadas are not looking to build a habitat in your home or business. They are simple insects confusing your electrical devices for the buzzing wings of a mate. It is important to note that buzzing sounds from electrical devices are more common when there are issues already at play. Another simple step is to remove any cicada carcasses you find. Take note, because the carcasses might point you to the source of your electrical buzzing.  We recommend scheduling an inspection by our team of qualified electricians to ensure you are not emitting a mating call for the cicadas. 
  • Mice and Rats–Chewing constantly is part of a rodent’s lifestyle. If they are not chewing on something to wear down their teeth, their teeth can cause pain and grow into their brains. When they are outside, rodents enjoy chewing on roots to grind their teeth down. If rats and mice have moved into your home or business, the wires behind your walls may be an enticing option. A rodent chewing on your wires can cause issues with your electricity and create a fire hazard. Taking proactive steps will be far less hassle and expense than having to resolve chewed wires. We recommend checking around the exterior of your home or business to see if it is well-sealed. Did you know that mice can squeeze through 6-7 mm holes and rats can get through 20 mm gaps? Because they can get through small spaces, it is important to check the gaps around your windows, doors, and framework of your home or business carefully. Adding weatherstripping and filling with caulk can prevent their entry. Mice and rats are opportunistic, meaning they will be glad to come over for food that is accessible. We recommend checking your pantry and custodial closets to make sure that any food or chemicals are properly sealed. Using clear plastic containers is a better defense than plastic bags or cardboard boxes. 
  • Insects–Wasps, ants, termites, and bed bugs enjoy tight warm spaces, like what is found near a home or business’s electrical wiring. Having bugs around your wiring is problematic for multiple reasons. They leave waste and debris behind that can cause corrosion on your electrical circuit boards and contacts. Insects also are known for chewing on wires. Sealing your home and business can help discourage insects as well. If you are suspicious that you have an insect infestation near any electrical components, call in professional pest control services to handle it safely. DIY solutions could cause damage to your electrical devices and they may not solve your problem completely.

As you can see, rodents and insects can pose a problem to your electrical wiring. Act now to protect your home or business from pests during this spring season. Schedule an inspection with our team at Plugged In Electrical to make sure your wiring and components are safe.

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