Why Home Electrical Inspections Are So Important

Being proactive with home electrical inspections can save you significant hassle and expense in the future. Since a small spark or one faulty wire can become a fire or shock hazard, the condition of your electrical work should be a high priority. At Plugged In Electrical, we offer home electrical inspections to ensure that your home is powered properly and safely. There are many benefits to making routine electrical inspections a part of your home maintenance and upkeep.

  • Identify Defective Wiring—Whether your wiring was improperly installed or damaged over time, faulty wiring is the leading case of electrical fires and should be addressed as soon as possible. We will start at your breaker box and trace the wiring throughout your home. If there is a problem, our electrician will offer solutions to address your wiring concerns safely. 
  • Locate Fire or Shock Hazards—In addition to the hazards of faulty wiring, our team will evaluate your home for any other potential electrical hazards. For example, if your home does not have functioning GFCI outlets, we can identify and resolve this issue. Also, if we see any extension cords or power strips being used improperly, we will alert you and recommend a safer alternative for accessing power.
  • Evaluate if your Electrical Outlets or Circuits are Overloaded—When you plug something into your outlets, the right amount of electricity is pulled to power the electrical device. Outlets and circuits are not designed to offer limitless power. Imagine you are running a computer and a window HVAC unit on one outlet or circuit but then your family member plugs in a vacuum on the same one. These are the moments where you might see the lights flicker. This is a sign that your system is being overextended. Overloading your outlets or circuits will trip your breaker, which is the electrical equipment’s attempt to minimize the shock and fire risk. Overloading can quickly lead to overheating, which ultimately could lead to a house fire. If your outlets or circuits are not accommodating your needs, our electrician can offer suggestions for adding outlets or circuits to provide the power you need. 
  • Ensure Proper Earthing and Bonding—The practice of earthing and bonding is essential to keep your family safe from electrical shocks. If an excess amount of electrical current ends up in your home due to inclement weather or faulty wiring, grounding your home through earthing and bonding will make sure the shock is delivered into the ground safely away from your home and family. The only way to know if your home is properly grounded is to have a professional check it out. We inspect this as a part of our routine electrical home inspection.

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