6 Electrical Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Your family’s safety is something to be thankful for. The crew at Plugged In Electrical wants to share some tips for keeping your home safe. Follow these simple steps to prioritize your family’s safety.

  1. Replace loose electrical cords—Damaged, loose, or frayed cords can pose an electrical hazard to your family and your home. Cords can sometimes be repaired, but they should be replaced when this is not possible.
  2. Replace wobbly electrical outlets—Loose outlets can cause a disruption in electrical current. The wobbling of the outlet can cause wires to shake loose. This is serious because it can cause arcing, which is a dangerous fire hazard for your home and safety hazard for your family.
  3. Consider more electrical outlets—Many homeowners will load up on extension cords and power strips when they need more outlets. Although extension cords can be helpful for temporary power needs, they are not long-term solutions. Power strips can give you a false impression of how much your outlet should handle. Overloading your electrical outlets can trip your breakers and become a fire hazard. If you do not have enough outlets to accommodate your needs, consider adding more electrical outlets. This way you can have access to the power you need without overloading your existing outlets or creating a fall hazard with tons of extension cords everywhere.
  4. Unplug cords and devices from outlets when not in use—Many things will continue to draw power if they are plugged in. You will save on your electric bill by unplugging after you are finished with your device or appliance. Also, unplugged devices and appliances will not start electrical fires. Save power and improve your home’s safety by getting in this easy habit.
  5. Educate your kids—Children have a natural curiosity about electrical outlets. Approximately 2,400 American children per year are treated for their injuries sustained from electrical outlets. Tell your kids about the dangers of touching outlets and putting inappropriate things into the outlets. If your children are very young, using outlet covers would be a wise choice. They are very affordable and can be installed in seconds. Be proactive about your children’s safety by talking about the dangers and placing protective covers.
  6. Look out for Signs that your Electrical System Needs Repairs–Paying attention to subtle signs can help you catch electrical problems before they turn into more dangerous shock or fire hazards. Be on the lookout for the most common signs: constant breaker tripping, flickering lights right after you turn them on, and any type of burning smell. If you have spotted any of these signs, call Plugged In Electrical right away! 

We are thankful for the opportunity to be your electrical service. Call Plugged In Electrical for any electric service or repair you need!

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