October is Fire Prevention Month – 7 Home Electrical Fire Safety Tips 

The season of ghosts and goblins is upon us, but October is also Fire Prevention Month. Keep your house from becoming haunted with some electrical safety tips from our team at Plugged In Electrical.

  •   Change your Smoke Detector Batteries—Do not wait for an ear-piercing screech in the middle of the night from your smoke detector. Check the batteries every few months to ensure they are in good working order. Also, smoke detectors need to be replaced every 10 years, so keep an eye on the age of your detectors.
  •   Inspect your Outlets—If you have any loose or damaged outlets in your home, give us a call right away. These outlets could become a fire hazard if not dealt with properly.
  •   Unplug Hot Appliances—Many home fires have started from appliances overheating or malfunctioning while plugged in. Make sure that you unplug any appliances that heat up when not in use, such as kettles, toasters, curling irons, irons, etc. Some of these devices have automatic shut off features, but we would advise you not to depend on those.
  •   Use Extension Cords Properly—Extension cords are meant to be temporary, not long term solutions. They can become damaged or overheated, causing electrical problems. If you need more power sources to accommodate your needs, schedule a visit from us. We can help you get the power you need where you need it.
  •   Do Not Use Damaged Cords—If your cords are frayed or damaged, repair or replace them before plugging them in. This is not a fun way to have a shocking Halloween.
  •   Pay Attention to Sounds and Smells—If you notice a bump in the night or a smell of smoke, do not ignore it. Electrical problems can show themselves in subtle ways, like a popping sound, hot light switches, frequent breaker trips, etc. Your house is not haunted; you just have an electrical problem!
  •   Schedule a Home Inspection—Even if everything seems fine, having your electrical system inspected by a professional periodically is wise. We can find problems before they develop into greater safety hazards. Our electricians are experts at finding everything from wire damage caused by rodents to a poorly wired breaker box. Our mission is to give your family peace of mind about your home’s safety.

Do not wait until a problem says “boo”–schedule your inspection today! Call Plugged In Electrical to ensure your home is safe.

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