3 Reasons You Should Never DIY the Electrical Work in Your Home

DIY projects can be fun and save money. However, DIY electrical work is neither fun nor worth the investment. If you enjoy DIY projects, the Plugged In Electrical team recommends sticking to the projects that do not involve electrocution or your house catching fire. We are all about empowering homeowners to care for their homes, but some risks are just not worthwhile. Electrical work is a dangerous job, especially if you are not experienced with it. Our electricians are licensed, educated, and credentialed, so you can entrust your home to us with confidence.

Reasons to Leave Electrical Work to the Pros

  •       You Could Be Electrocuted or Injured—If you make a small mistake while working with electrical devices, you could be electrocuted. The shock can vary in severity from very minimal to fatal. Your home generally runs on about 110 volts, but your appliances can pull even higher voltage. The danger is just not worth it. Our electrical professionals have received specialized training to know how to handle your electrical work safely. For your safety, leave the electrical work to our trained staff.
  •       You Could Find Hidden Electrical Dangers—Your electrical work is mostly hidden inside of your walls. There will likely be wires in places you are not aware of without the exact schematics of your wiring. You could accidentally mess with wires connected to the junction box and get shocked. Also, you could cause an electric shock or fire within your home.
  •       You Could Cause Costly Repairs in The Future—If you are not a licensed electrician, your chances of making small mistakes will be quite high. Small mistakes can lead to much bigger problems in the future. You may temporarily fix the issue, but your faulty wiring could lead to electrical malfunctions or even a fire in the future. Faulty wiring is one of the leading reasons for residential fires each year. Saving money on a service visit from your electrician is not worth the risk of your home and family being endangered.

Call Plugged In Electrical for any electric repair you need! We can handle your issue safely and properly. Enjoy your weekend on a different DIY project and leave the electrical work to us. 

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