Silent Signs of Serious Electrical Issues

The truly dangerous part of electrical issues is that many develop slowly and subtly. By the time a homeowner or business owner notices the problem, they could be at risk of their house or building catching fire. At Plugged in Electrical, we want to help you recognize the signs early on and prevent endangering yourself and your space. By paying attention to these critical clues and warning signs, you can address problems before things escalate further.

Signs to Watch For:

  •   Presence of New Furry Friends—Rodents, especially mice and rats, like to move in during the spring to set up a nest for their babies. Unfortunately, they often make themselves at home and chew on your wires. If you notice rodent droppings or hear them moving through your walls, there is a good chance they have taken a nibble of your wires. Chewed on wires can spark and lead to a fire. When critters are in your home, give us a call to check on your wires and give your pest control guy a call too!
  •   Outlets are Loose—If you plug in something to your outlet and the insides of the outlet move, that will become a problem. A loose outlet will eventually jiggle and wiggle until the wires shake free, which could cause sparks, shorts, and ultimately a fire hazard. Whether you are plugging in your phone at home or a power strip at your business, pay attention if the outlet moves.
  •   Experiencing Shocks—You should not be getting shocked when touching electrical fixtures. If you are noticing little shocks in your home or office, this is indicative of a grounding issue. Often, ungrounded three prong plugs are the culprit. If you are not sure where the grounding issue is, we can help you check your home or office’s grounding.
  •   Smelling Something Burning—If you smell something burning and you have already checked that popcorn in the microwave, your wiring may be cooking its plastic sheathing. A burning smell is very serious because your home or office could have an imminent fire risk. Your breaker box could give you a clue as to the source of the issue, but we recommend calling in the professionals ASAP when you smell burning.
  •   Having Aluminum Wiring—Back in the days of peace and love, homes in the 60s and 70s used aluminum wiring in response to a copper wire shortage. Spreading the love and using aluminum has caused problems because homes with aluminum wiring are 55% more likely to have fire damage. When exposed, aluminum oxidizes far more quickly than copper, which generates heat and encourages a fire. No one will use aluminum wiring anymore, but if your home was built in the late 60s-early 70s, you could be at risk. If you are unsure about your wiring type, schedule an inspection by one of our professionals. We can help you determine if your home is in danger.
  •   Seeing Flickering Lights—Before you start assuming that your house is haunted or ghosts have moved into your business, recognize that flickering lights are actually a sign of an electrical issue and not just an overused horror movie trope. A loose electrical connection is usually the problem that causes flickering. If there is only one light fixture flickering, it could be just contained to that fixture. When you notice flickering throughout your home, the loose electrical connection could be further back in a circuit, at the breaker box, or even at the utility drop outside of your home. We can determine if you have a loose electrical connection or if your home is now haunted by a spirit in a bed sheet.


When you see signs of serious electrical problems, call Plugged In Electrical for your home or business inspection. We can help you safeguard your home this spring!

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