The Three Most Common Electrical Issues for Homeowners

Being a homeowner is a joy and privilege, but it can also be quite stressful. If your lights keep flickering or your outlets lack the power you need, you will be inconvenienced. Electrical issues can also be a danger to your family and your home. If you are experiencing electrical problems, they most likely fall into these three most common electrical issues: circuit breaker malfunctions, electrical surges/sags/dips, and dead or scarce outlets. Whether you currently have issues or not, being aware of the signs of issues would be wise. You should always have electrical issues addressed right away to preserve your safety, so give Plugged In Electrical a call!

  •   Circuit Breaker Problems—Your circuit breaker is your first defense against damages caused by overloads or short circuiting. If your breaker is not cutting off properly, your home could be at risk of fire. When your breaker trips too frequently, you will likely be annoyed at constantly having to flip your power back on. If your circuit breaker trips without a storm going on, you could be overloading by watching TV, running your dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, and vacuuming at the same time. Your system may not currently have the capacity to handle so much at once. We do free breaker box inspections to ensure that your circuit breaker is working as it should. If we find an issue, we will recommend a solution. Your circuit breaker should not be tripping regularly, so call us for an evaluation. You may have poor wiring, ground faults, or some other electrical issue causing the breaker problems.
  •   Electric Surges, Sags, or Dips—Surges are sudden spikes in electrical current and sags and dips are the opposite. Any abnormal electrical activity, whether increases or decreases, can be damaging to your home as well as your appliances. Not all surges can be prevented but using surge protectors around your appliances and electronics is wise. You could choose to invest in whole house surge protection for greater peace of mind. If your electricity suddenly sags or dips, you may notice your lights flicker or shut off and shut back on in a blink. Dips and sags are often related to an appliance being plugged into a faulty outlet or an outdated malfunctioning breaker box. If your electrical activity is inconsistent, a professional inspection would be wise.
  •   Scarce or Dead Outlets—When we are talking about scarce outlets, we are not talking about having to battle your family for the closest outlet to plug in your phone while you watch TV. Although that might be inconvenient, we are much more concerned about the problem of overloading outlets. If your outlets are limited, you may be constantly reliant on extension cords and experiencing surges regularly. Dead outlets create similar problems to scarce ones. When you have a dead outlet, you are more likely to cram too many things onto your working outlets, risking burning them out or overloading them and causing a surge. You should not have to rely upon a bunch of power strips and extension cords to use your electrical necessities. Call Plugged In Electrical to help get your outlets working properly.

Unfortunately, electrical hassles are a part of homeownership eventually. When you need help, call Plugged In Electrical for any electric repair you need.

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