When Electricians Spring into Pest Control

Spring is the season of new life. Baby animals are cute as long as they are not living in your walls, attic, basement, etc. Since rodents, such as rats, mice, and squirrels, like to build nests inside to have a comfy place for their babies, you need to be on the lookout for signs of infestations. Since mice are nocturnal, they could have moved in during the cold winter and you have not noticed. Pests can make your home less clean, but they can also cause considerable damage. In our years of service, we have observed how critters enjoy chewing on wires. Chewed wires can inconvenience and endanger your family, since they can lead to tripped breakers, power failure, and worst of all, fires. If you think pests might be in your home, give our team at Plugged In Electrical a call. We may not be able to exterminate the pests, but we can help you locate the entry points and repair any dangerous wiring.

Signs of Pests in Your Home That May Affect Your Electricity

Beyond seeing a mouse, rat, or squirrel scamper across your floor, you can look for these indicators throughout your home:

  •       The pitter patter sound of tiny feet in your walls or attic
  •       Scratching or gnawing sounds
  •       Power failure in part or all of your home
  •       Tripped breakers
  •       Shorted circuits
  •       Displaced insulation
  •       Feces 
  •       Nests
  •       Visible Damage to Your Home

Steps to Take If You Think Pests Are Present

  •       Schedule an Electrical Evaluation—If you are concerned about pests, having an electrical inspection is a good plan. Even if the pests are not there, you can still have peace of mind. When we find evidence of pests, we can deal with the electrical issue before it becomes a greater damage to your family. Our technicians may be able to find the entry points of the pests during the inspection. Afterwards, you can choose whether to do DIY pest control or call in a professional. You can feel confident that your electrical wiring issues are safely resolved regardless of whether you choose professional pest control or setting traps yourself.
  •       Implement Pest Control and Proactive Measures—Depending on the pests and the severity of your infestation, you may be able to set your own traps and resolve the problem. Also, any entry points noted by our technician should be better sealed. A mouse will only need a hole about ¼ of an inch big to get into your home. Fill in the cracks that could allow in pests to prevent them from moving back into your home after they are kicked out.  You can also choose to seal in your wiring differently or we can use a wiring that is more chew resistant if you want an extra level of reassurance.

Whether you see the evidence of a mouse in your house or you just want greater peace of mind, call Plugged In Electrical to ensure your home has not been damaged. We want to keep your home safe this season!

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