Home Electrical Safety Tips You Need To Know This Fall

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 31,000 electrical fires happen in homes each year. If not correctly taken care of and maintained, electrical systems can become unsafe. At Plugged In Electrical, we’ve spent many years working to repair electrical systems and dealing with unsafe electrical settings. We want to share some tips with you so you can enjoy peace of when considering electrical safety.

Don’t Overload Circuits

Although it may be tempting to plug more devices into outlets, too many appliances drawing from one outlet can quickly become a problem. It is important to remember that extension cords don’t expand the amperage a circuit can take; it only adds more outlets. An overloaded outlet can lead to overheating and a severe electrical problem. We recommend only plugging one electrical appliance or device to an outlet. If you’re unsure what amount of power your outlet can handle, consider investing in a smart plug that can track outlet power loads and shut down appliances if they start overheating. 

Unplug Unused Devices 

It’s easy to forget, but unplugging unused devices and appliances can prevent overheating and the device using any electricity even when it isn’t powered on. This step also prevents you from monitoring these items, making this potential cause of electrical problems one less thing you have to worry about. 

Always Have The Right Fire Extinguisher 

Did you know there are fire extinguishers specifically made to handle electrical fires? There are, and we recommend ensuring that one is easily accessible at your home. These fire extinguishers are a better option than using water. Pouring water on an electrical fire is highly discouraged since it can cause a shock hazard, creating an even more dangerous situation. 

Keep an Eye on Portable Heaters 

As the cooler temperatures of the fall and winter months arrive, you may feel the need to use portable heaters. If you do, always make sure that you keep flammable items away from them. Avoid placing these devices near items like table cloths, blankets, and window drapes. Additionally, always place these heaters on a flat surface, so they don’t tip over and cause damage. 

Clean Out Exhaust Fans 

Some electrical appliances come with exhaust fans. If they do, we recommend periodically cleaning them out. A clogged exhaust fan can cause an appliance to overwork, leading to overheating and potential gas build-up. Both of these situations can result in an electrical fire and costly repair. 

Our team doesn’t want these issues to impact you and your family this fall. If you need an electrical repair or inspection, we invite you to call us at (404) 737-7945 and schedule a consultation today. 

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