6 Electrical Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

While surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, we are reminded what truly matters. Keeping our families safe will always be of the greatest importance. The team at Plugged In Electrical wanted to give you the gift of a safer holiday season. By following these safety tips, you can avoid turning your holiday into a shocking experience.

  1. Be Careful with Space Heaters—Space heaters can provide an extra boost of warmth on the coldest winter nights. Unfortunately, approximately 1,200 fires each year are caused by space heaters. We are not saying that you cannot use space heaters, but rather that you should use caution. Never leave a space heater on while you are sleeping. Make sure that your space heater is sitting on a flat surface and not within three feet of anything flammable, such as your bedding, curtains, etc.
  2. Don’t Overload your Outlets—Whether you are plugging in your entire extended family’s electronic devices or powering a huge display of Christmas decorations, your outlets can become overextended. Overloading your outlets is one of the leading causes for residential fires. As the outlet becomes overloaded, it heats up, which can ultimately lead to a fire. If you do not have enough power sources in your home, give us a call. We can help install additional outlets to power your needs safely.
  3. Protect your Electrical Cords—Damaged or frayed cords are a fire and shock hazard for your home and family. If your cords are damaged, repairing them may be possible. When in doubt, replace the damaged cord. Your safety is worth the expense to replace the cords.
  4. Check your GFCI Outlets—GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are essential in all rooms that could be exposed to water, such as your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, mudroom, basement, etc. If you have not checked your GFCI outlets recently, test them to make sure that they are functioning properly. GFCI outlets ensure that excess electrical current is channeled away safely.
  5. Have your Wiring System Checked by a Professional—Since wiring is out of sight, many homeowners never think about their wiring until there is a problem. Many electrical dangers can be avoided or minimized through annual electrical inspections. We can inspect your wiring and breaker box for any evidence of danger and offer solutions to remedy any issues.
  6. Use Surge Protectors for Appliances and TVs—When the weather outside is frightful, surge protectors are delightful. Make sure that you have surge protection for your electronics and appliances. By having surge protection, excess electrical current will be diverted away from your electric devices. Surge protection will keep your home safer and protect your investment in your devices and appliances. We offer whole house surge protection to ensure that your entire home is safe from shocking electrical currents.

Happy holidays from the Plugged In Electrical team! We are standing by all season if you need any electrical help.




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