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We provide solutions and options without high pressure sales tactics. .

We believe in doing the job right EVERY time.

"Get Plugged In" for all your electrical needs.
Our Mission
Plugged In's electricians provide quality licensed electrical service at a reasonable price. Always presenting customers with options that allow them to pick what best suits their home and budget. To always be lead by a moral compass, with honesty, integrity and compassion as our polor north. Always maintaining a work environment that allows our employees to be happy and thrive.

Plugged In Electrical believes that sales are merely a byproduct of doing our work, not the other way around.We only employ state licensed electricians driven by morals and professionalism. We believe in doing the job right EVERY time. We have 25+ years experience in electrical service. There is no service fee and all jobs are upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Our electrician's provide solutions and options without high pressure sales tactics. We want each and every to have a great experience. "Get Plugged In" for all your electrical needs.

Upfront Pricing Guarantee - Plugged in Electrical will provide upfront pricing for every job, before any electrician ever begins work, you will understand what is being done AND what it is going to cost.  That means no nasty surprises for you.  We quote every job individually, providing fair pricing for electrical work in every home and business in the Atlanta Area.

Best Value Guarantee - We guarantee that we will provide our customers the highest level of skill and professionalism of any Master Electricians in Metro-Atlanta.  Others compete to cut the competitions prices, we compete to provide the best value.  You will never find another electrician providing the same level of service, warranty, attention to detail, trust, cleanliness, or professionalism for less money than the Plugged in Electrical. Many companies claim to have "Certified Electricians". Lets be clear this means nothing! The State of Georgia has no certification for electricians. You either employ State Licensed Electricians or you do not!

Each of our electricians will proudly show you their individual state license upon request.

No Phone Quotes - Plugged In Electrical takes fair pricing very seriously and will never risk your trust by guessing prices blindly over the phone or through email.  To avoid confusion, frustration, and miscommunication, all quotes for any electrical work are provided in writing after seeing the entire scope of work first hand. This guarantees fair and exact pricing with no surprises.

No High Pressure Scare Tactics Guarantee - When electricity is involved safety is our top concern! However, we will never pressure or scare a customer into making a repair decision for their home or business. Our electricians will go over all the information and options at our disposal so they can make the best decision for their home or business. Sales is a byproduct of what we do not, the other way around.

  • Matthew at Plugged In Electrical Services always does the job right, he is honest and has probably saved my families life (no joke) when he changed out that dangerous panel. I highly recommend this company and will continue to use Matthew as our electrician for as long as we live in the state.“

    Janos, Atlanta, GA
  • These guys showed up on time for both the assessment and the day of the work. Very knowledgeable, patient electricians who were able as well as answer my questions clearly. The work performed was on time and done very well. No issues what so ever. I would highly recommend them.“

    Bryan, Marietta, GA
  • They installed a light fixture and fan, that required a little extra work to stabilize fan (old house), but did it right, with no shortcuts. Very clean, and I appreciate it. “

    Mary Ann, Atlanta, GA


Our regular hours.

Monday 8 AM - 4 PM
Tuesday 8 AM - 4 PM
Wednesday 8 AM - 4 PM
Thursday 8 AM - 4 PM
Friday 8 AM - 4 PM


About Us

We are a family owned business and we service those who live

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on being the experts in our field. All jobs performed will be done by or supervised by a State Licensed Master Electrician. We don't believe in sending out inexperienced technicians to work on your home. We undergo extensive technical training and are in the constant pursuit of bettering ourselves in our trade.
  • Master Electricans

    Unlike most companies who send over electrician technician, our electricians are Master electricians. Only "Master" electricians go through the most rigorous and extensive training in the industry, we have a comprehensive understanding of state electrical safety code. By law, only master electricians are allowed to supervise electricians on installation projects and construction sites.
  • GA State Licensed Electricians

    We are licensed by the State of Georgia as Class II unrestricted Electrical Contractors. When looking for an electrician, it is so very important to get someone who has the experience and knowledge to work on any system. Unlike Class I licensed contractors who can only work on systems that are 200 amperes or less, we are licensed to handle residual and commercial jobs alike.
  • Warranty

    We Offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all parts and labor provided by Plugged in Electrical Services, LLC. Warranties extend to the original purchaser of electrical installation.

    Plugged In Electrical Services, LLC. warranties that workmanship provided by our electricians will be completed in accordance with the National Electrical Code, that this work will be free from defects, including the installation of parts and or repairs, for the normal life of the installation.  Plugged In Electrical Services, LLC will repair any installation that we find to be defective free of charge, subject to the limitations detailed to the right.

  • Conditions and Exclusions

    Parts provided during installations or work done by anyone other than our licensed electrician's are expressly excluded from the following warranty. . This warranty does not cover items destroyed by acts of nature, abuse or misuse.
  • Fuses, light bulbs, ballasts, batteries and other non-durable replaceable parts designed to be replaced which are considered to have a limited life expectancy are expressly excluded from any warranty. Remedies for warranty claims are limited to the repair/replacement of the damaged part/faulty installation up to, but not exceeding a complete refund for the installation or faulty portion of the installation. This warranty does not cover the cost of repairs made by others unless authorized in advance in writing by Plugged in Electrical Services.
  • Tuneup

    Free panel tuneup with any diagnostic call.
  • Best Prices

    Panel Search Protection for only $199
    Electrical Home Inspection for only $59, plus you will get a $50 credit to use towards your next service.